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Keep it movin' baby

Here are a list of my favorite (and many are free or low-cost) resources to keep both your mind and body active. Many of them are from small businesses that are now offering online content. I would highly urge you to sign up for these courses. Many are very affordable!

If you’re able to, your support could make the world of a difference and can ensure these businesses will be able to come back after this is over. Without income for the next couple of weeks, a lot of our mom and pops are in trouble and as much as we can, we need to rally together (and apply pressure on the government) to support.

*Tip: if you have a membership with a mom and pop studio, please try your best to keep your membership active. Many studios are offering to pause your membership while they are closed and are offering a discount on your next payment cycle when they reopen. This will help to make sure 1. they can pay their rent and all other operating costs 2. they can continue to pay/retain their staff.

Request: If you know of any POC or WOC owned businesses, apps or services that can be added to this list, please send them my way!


It all starts with our breath. A lot of us are hyperaware right now and our nervous systems are in overdrive. Above everything, we have to remember to keep breathing. If you're feeling anxious, take a minute to pause, take 3 deep breaths and get recentered. If you're nerd and into science, read about the Polyvagal Theory and the Vagus Nerve (I'm a therapist and I have a deep appreciation for trauma-informed practices).


  • I completed my yoga teacher training here and absolutely love this studio. They are offering LIVE yoga flows, video and audio recordings, some for $3.99! Such a great way to support a studio who values and centers diversity, integrity and community. Plus, the studio owner, Annelise, is expecting her sweet babygirl anyday now. Let's support this small business owner and mama to bee.

  • Adriene has such a quirky personality that I adore! And her dog Benji is super cute, so there's that. I've been following her for years and I love that she has all types of yoga flows based on what you need. And, it's all free!

  • First week is free! And you can download their on demand app.


Aaptiv (I have 9 free passes for friends to use. This link will give you access. Take advantage of these)

  • I love this app! After the trial period (always wait until the trial period is almost over. Typically, they will offer you a significant discount to sign-up), it cost me $59 for the year with unlimited access. You can put in your goals and select custom fitness plans. They have demos of each exercise, playlists for each class, and a trainer that guides you through via audio. A lot of the workout don't require any equipment. It's been one of the main ways I have been able to stay active right now.

  • I've never heard of this app before, but they're advertising to me and my friends on Instagram so there's that. It seems similar to Aaptiv but offers a nutrition component. They offer a free 2-week trial. If you try it, let me know how you like it.

Tip: Add a reminder to your phone to end all the trials you sign up for. Whatever you like and can afford, keep. Otherwise, cancel!


  • THE DEBBIE ALLEN is offering a free dance class tomorrow, March 18th at 4pm on Instagram (I think? Maybe it's Facebook. Somebody, tell me) and I will be there with my boom kat kat, ready to twirl. You better be there.

Know of other resources? Comment below or send me a message! I would love to add to this list.

Appreciate you and sending you love.




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