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3 Easy Tips To Combat Seasonal Affect Disorder

As the seasons change, (Seasonal Affect Disorder is REAL), make sure you're taking extra steps to keep yourself healthy and feeling good. Here are a few tips:

1. Seek Therapy

I'm a firm believer EVERYONE needs a therapist. Not sure where to find one, don't have insurance, or the whole process just scares you? Try Open Path Collective. Sessions are sliding scale from $30-$50 per session. Or give TalkSpace a try! Completely virtual. Check to see about other sliding scale practices in your area. If you need more resources, head over to my blog post here where I give the run down on how to find a therapist.

2. Start A Morning Routine

This can be such a positive step in fighting the winter blues. My go-to (for any season really), is a hot cup of water with fresh lemon, honey, and cinnamon and/or cayenne if you're feeling feisty.


It's really easy to want to stay wrapped up in that blanket. Try free exercise programs! YouTube has a bunch of great free exercises that you can do in the comfort or your home and at your own pace. My fave yoga instructor Yoga With Adriene has videos for EVERYTHING! Also, check out Aaptiv! It's low-cost, but if you want to try it for free, I have guest passes to send (I don't get paid from it, just offering if you would like to try!). If you're in NYC I always recommend signing up for Sassy Fit Girl's newsletter. She outlines a TON of free exercise programs throughout the city. I've tried FlyWheel, SoulCycle and a bunch more for free because of her resources.

Hope this helps!

Take good care,


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Talore Gray
Talore Gray

Getting into a morning routine is the hardest because I just want to sleep til the last second before work!

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